Art Workshops

The Artlink Gallery at Heritage Square is hosting workshops
January 30th-March 11, 2012

The Artlink Gallery at Heritage Square is excited to be hosting adult workshops in a variety of mediums! With quality teachings at affordable prices you will have the opportunity to further your artistic skills and techniques; or  for beginners who would like to explore their artistic side to start developing them. The gallery, which functions as an exhibition space for artists on First and Third Fridays, is part of the non-profit organization Artlink Phoenix, one of the oldest, volunteer-run, non-profit 501C3 arts organizations in downtown Phoenix.

The 8 week workshops will run from January 14 -March 11, 2012. This extensive visual arts program will include mixed media, painting, drawing, fiber, photography, ceramics, air brush, water color, video, writing, book and paper art, performance, bead work, fibers, and sculpture.

Our art instructors are professionals in their fields with tremendous talent, skills and abilities that are excited to pass on to their students.

The classes will be held at the Artlink Gallery, housed in the Carriage House at Historic Heritage Square. The 1899 structure is located in downtown Phoenix at 115 N. 6th St, Phoenix AZ 85004. The Artlink Gallery is 300 sq ft and has lots of natural light flooding in from two large glass doors. Classes will take place indoors, as well as, outdoor in the beautiful view of the park and its historical structures. Also, there are opportunities to walk downtown for additional inspiration. Restaurants, such as Rose & Crown, Nobuo and Pizzeria Bianco are next door.

Registration is done through email at with ATT to the name of class/workshop, as well as, indicate the payment method. 

Payments must be received by the deadlines of each class/workshop either by check made out to Artlink Phoenix or via paypal: with ATT to the name of class/workshop. 

Mail checks to

Artlink Inc.
P.O. Box 3426
Phoenix, AZ 85030

Painting with Instructor Jason Smith:

2 sessions February Saturday 11th and Saturday 18th,  from 1:30-3:30pm

Registration and payment by Feb 4th, 2012: $50

This class is for beginners and artists looking to improve their skills. This workshop covers, Paint consistency and strategies for working. Techniques for using paint and brushes. The use of warm and cool hues and tinted grounds to provide contrast. Different methods and strategies to get the image in the mind on canvas. Strategies for bringing different elements in a composition together. A Q\A with me to address specific questions and provide input.

Material List pdf

Altered Book with Instructor Tricia Wang:

2 sessions: February Saturday 11th and February Saturday 18th: from 9am-12:00

 Registration and payment by Feb 4th, 2012: $50

Would you like to discover a powerful way to tap into your creative unconscious?

How about blending art, writing and found materials to create your very own storybook?

This is the magic of the altered book. Altered books are mixed media artworks that can incorporate text, collage, painting, drawing, journaling and scrapbooking. Instead of using a blank canvas or journal, we use an old book as our starting point. While altering its pages to create our own artwork, we enter a journey of self-discovery, with our creative unconscious as our guide.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of artistic experience. It is especially helpful for non-artists who would like to explore their creativity and learn about working in various media, but who may not feel confident with drawing, painting or other skills that take time to build.

Materials needed:


Magazine pictures, photos, papers, embellishments, etc

Glue sticks


Arts and Crafts Workshop with Instructor Christy Puetz:

Memory Jars, Onetime workshop 2 hours:

March 7th, 2012                           9-11am

Registration and payment is by Feb 29th: $20 plus $8 for materials

These one-of-a-kind embellished jars will be covered with clay, beads, buttons and fun objects.  The inside can hold photos, family story or note to a special loved one.  You can even bring a couple of special personal items to add.

Storytelling Hanging Quilts, One time workshop, 2 hours:

March 7th, 2012                12-2pm

Registration and payment is by Feb 15th: $20 plus $8 for materials

Quilts can keep you warm at night or tell stories about an entire family’s history.  We will design and embellish a miniature quilt that will tell a story about you, your interests or family.  Use fabric, beads, ribbons and found objects to get started, bring some personal photos or fabric to make it unique to you.

Honoring Boxes, Onetime workshop 2 hours:

March 9th, 2012                    2-4pm

Registration and payment is by Feb 22nd: $20 plus $8 for materials

There are many people in our lives that we honor:  our ancestors, parents, friends and most importantly ourselves.  In Mexico, ancestors and loved ones are honored during the Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) celebration, in which an Ofrenda or shrine is constructed.  Your honoring box or mini Ofrenda will become a way to recognize important people and events in your life.

Masks (Mardi Gras, Africa, Carnival), Onetime workshop 2 hours:

March 9th, 2012                         4:30-6:30pm

Registration and payment is by Feb 22nd: $20 plus $8 for materials

Masks are used around the world to help humans transform their identity, celebrate special occasions and dress up .  Wearing a masks can temporarily turn you into a super hero, royalty, monster or animal.  Whether fancy or simple the mask you create will help you to transform into someone or something else, maybe an alien



Mixed Media/3D Concepts with instructor Ted Troxel

6 weeks, Jan 30th-March 5th, 2012

Every Monday 12-4pm

Registration and payment by January 7th: $ 200

Students are encouraged to use found objects and recycled materials and explore their potential for creative expression.  This class includes the use of a variety of hand tools to manipulate wood, metal, plastic, fabrics, etc. into three- dimensional works of art.  Students are encouraged to visit thrift shops and take urban treks to discover alternatives to traditional media and the conceptual suggestions altered objects offer.  Instructor provides mechanical guidance and critical dialogue and show examples of work to inspire the successful completion of projects.

Classes with Instructor Kurt von Behrmann

Acrylics and Multimedia Art, 6 week class, Jan 30th-Mar 5th, 2012 

Every Monday from 6-10pm

Registration and payment by January 26th: $ 200

Acrylic paint affords artists unique opportunities for self-expression.  Unlike oils, that have their special needs and requirements,  acrylics can open a brand new door of self-expression and  insight.

This workshop will look at different ways to treat canvas and  paint permitting  a more creative solution to painting  rather than staying with the basic format of stretched canvas over a wooden rectangular frame.  This workshop will look at using different materials in very different ways to achieve other levels of self-expression. T his workshop could be considered a laboratory for experimentation and examination of other ways to paint, communicate and express.

Material List. pdf

Contemporary Art History, 6 week class, Jan 31st-March 6th, 2012

Every Tuesday from 2-3pm

Registration and payment by January 27th: $50

This workshop would be something of an overview of contemporary art starting with the 20th Century and then moving to the present presenting issues related to art history and the concerns of contemporary artists.   For many, the work being produced currently presents challenges in terms of understating, communication and appreciation.   This workshop will examine art looking at what artists are saying, how it is being said and how artists contend with the current language of contemporary art and the challenges that exhibiting new works present.

Material List pdf

Figure Drawing, 6 week class, Feb 2nd-March 8th, 2012

Every Thursday from 6-10pm

Registration and payment by January 30th: $ 200 plus $64 for the model fee 

One area that always serves as a great source of inspiration is figure drawing.  Having conducted workshops in my studio, and other classes, I feel that working from a live life model provides one of the best ways to develop artistic ability.  In this workshop the human form is explored in both traditional ways and in new ways so as to understand how to depict the human form.

 Drawing, 6 week class, February 3rd-March 9th, 2012

Every Friday from  9am-1pm

Registration and payment by January 31st: $ 200

Drawing is one of the foundations for art. The ability to sketch an idea become critical in communication and in working out visual solutions.  Irrespective of profession or duty, sketches are a fast and easy way to communicate.  However, in order to get the most from them, it helps in having a basic foundation in understanding how to draw and how to see.  Based in part on the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” I have developed some core exercises and presentations that can help artists at all levels improve in terms of composition, comprehension and visual expression in a program that builds step by step foundation ideas on drawing.  It has proven highly effective in the past in terms of helping brand new artists, those not familiar with drawing at all and those who have experience, but wish to move forward and develop further.

Material List. pdf